Why is it called "Mission" Belt?

We decided to start a company that is so focused on fighting world hunger and poverty, that you’ll know about our “Mission” from the second you hear our name.  We’ll be the first to admit that our no-holes belts are pretty awesome, and you’d probably want to have one regardless of our Mission.  But even more important than producing the world’s sleekest, most stylin, and most comfortable belts, is making sure we can do it in a socially responsible way.  Every time you put on your belt, and hear the ‘click click’ of the perfect fit, you can remember that you too are a part of the Mission.

A Dollar for Every Belt

Here at Mission Belt Co, we don’t just want our customers to look good - we want them to feel good too.  That’s why a DOLLAR from every belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty.  Having lived and worked across the globe, we’ve seen firsthand the struggles of those who aren’t as fortunate in their circumstances through no fault of their own.  There are so many industrious, motivated people striving for a better life for themselves and their families. Sometimes, the only thing holding them back is a little capital to get started to break the poverty cycle.  A few hundred dollars to buy a cow, a few chickens, or supplies to sell, can mean the difference between unemployment and a productive, independent business.

Why Kiva?

So that we can focus on making our world-class belts, we searched around for a well known and respected organization to work with, and found just that in Kiva(www.Kiva.org).  Kiva is a non-profit, peer-to-peer ‘micro-lending’ organization that helps provide opportunities to support economic development and entrepreneurship, mostly in developing countries, as part of its efforts to alleviate poverty and create more economic opportunity. Before you think we’re loan sharks, Kiva doesn’t collect nor pay us any interest on our funds.  Rather, we help to increase the supply of credit for borrowers who might not have access to traditional banking services in their home countries.

Buy a Belt - Feed a Family

Kiva does the qualifying and we supply the money.  Like we said before, these are hard working, industrious people that have great ideas and drive.  With our/your capital they are able to achieve their dream.  Most are successful. Some try and fail.  As in all business, there is risk involved, but we hope that the success of one will turn into the success of many.  Several of the entrepreneurs say they will use their increase to feed their families better or to educate their children, laying the foundation for following generations to prosper.  At the end of the day, they decide their future, but we are able to play our part in helping our brothers and sisters around the globe, and that is what we love about The Mission.


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